Monday, 22 October 2012

Anti-Austerity March, London, 20 October 2012

On Saturday 20 October, thousands of  people (it is estimated at about 100,000) took to the streets of London (and Glasgow and Belfast) to protest against the policies of the ConDem government, which attack the most vulnerable in society, while doing nothing to restrain the greed of the bankers and the rich.

 Here are some images from the march. This is my favourite, for wit, design and charm.

Here are some images of Green Left, the group I am proud to belong to. (I'm the one in the red beret! 2nd photo)

Promoting our new journal! On-line edition here - The Ecosocialist

This is the banner of the  William Morris Society  - had I not been helping on the Green Party stall, I would have loved to march with my friends from the Society!!

     Activists from  Disabled People Against Cuts  blocked the road in Park Lane for about an hour.

And some more images from the march, showing the participation of Coalition Of Resistance , UnisonUSDAWFriends of the Earth, and - wonderfully for me - The William Morris Society (see above!)

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