Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Public Sector Workers' Strike 30 June

Public Sector Workers are striking against pension cuts on 30 June. There are many and varied ways to show solidarity!

Benefit claimants, disabled people and supporters will be joining the PCS picket line at HMRC, Euston Tower from 8.30am.

We will be standing in solidarity with all striking workers on the day, and in particular public sector workers who know only too well what the result of this government's savage welfare policies will be.

Join us at Euston Tower, where speeches will begin at 9am. At 10am we will be paying a short visit to noto...rious poverty pimps Atos Origin, the IT company responsible for carrying out the disastrous Work Capability Assessments which have driven sick and disabled claimants to suicide.

Many of us then will make our way to the Trade Union march and Striker's Assembly, both being held in central London. For full details of all events, pickets and actions taking place in London on the day please visit:

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  1. As a public sector worker ,a life long library worker I will be glad to follow your blog,have a look at mine !