Thursday, 3 February 2011

Save Libraries Campaign, Saturday 5 February

Saving the libraries - a nationwide campaign that most of us care about passionately!! Most public libraries throughout the UK are threatened by the ConDem cuts, but we are united in our determination to preserve this lifeline; we will campaign for access to books and music for everyone. 
Libraries don't 'just lend books', this is the START of what they do....for many people, the public library has been the start of a life-long love-affair with literature, music and the arts. Our campaign is part of the campaign against cuts to the arts in general.

This is the link to the Coalition of Resistance page listing as many campaigns as possible - many towns and London Boroughs are planning read-ins.

La lotta continua!! We need to protect, save and - yes - PROMOTE our cultural heritage, and not allow the UK to be turned into a nation of philistines!!!

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