Saturday, 11 September 2010

My life as a 'benefit scrounger'

The Chancellor, George Osborne, has excelled himself in his latest outrageous announcement. 

(And has anyone noticed that he is almost a clone of his master, David Cameron?!)

In a recent BBC interview, he said the following:

Mr. Osborne told BBC political editor Nick Robinson that "those making a life-style choice to just sit on out-of-work benefits" would be affected. [by the newest welfare cuts]
Mr. Osborne said "We are going to reform out-of-work benefits so there's a strong incentive for people who can work to get work.......People who think that it's a life-style choice just to stay on out-of work benefits....that life-style choice is going to come to an end".

In my opinion (and experience) the only people who think that unemployment is a 'lifestyle choice' are the pampered public schoolboys of the Tory Cabinet.
For the record, here is the 'lifestyle choice' of the average 'benefit scrounger' - the minimum, apart from food, that even we need to buy. This only applies to single people and childless couples, parents will of course need even more frivols in order to feed their children and send them to school.

(I am a pensioner, so I won't be quite so badly affected as people younger than myself, but I am not exactly about to enjoy a comfortable retirement).

The comfortable lifestyle of the 'benefit scrounger'; basic necessities.

Toilet paper
Toilet cleaner
Shower gel
Washing-up liquid
Laundry liquid/fabric conditioner
Stain remover
Multi-purpose cleaner (to include bath/shower cleaner)
Light bulbs
Paper to write on
Pens to write with

Transport costs (so at least people can travel to job interviews!!!)
Weekly visit to the launderette (presumably a family would need a washing machine)
Gas bills
Electricity Bills
Phone Bills
Housing costs (rent or mortgage repayment)
Council Tax

Er....CLOTHES, SHOES...even if these are bought second-hand, we have to pay for them!!

And God forbid we should buy newspapers or ....gasp...BOOKS!! Or ever go to the theatre, or a concert, or an art exhibition, or the cinema.....that's too good for the likes of us!

Many of us are very angry about the way we are being treated, and we need to translate our anger into action. 

First port of call :

We can join this either as individuals or as groups, and protest against the cuts.

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