Thursday, 19 November 2009

The garden this week

I have been ill recently, and have consequently been neglecting the garden. Two days ago, however, I decided it was really time to rake up the leaves.

The idea of this, as I assume every gardener knows, is to use them as leaf mould......
I went out to get a paper, and when I got back, there was someone from Camden's privatised refuse collection service, SWEEPING UP THE LEAVES!!!
Oh, how wonderful, I thought!! I told him how grateful I was, and said I assumed he was going to put them in the compost bin for me...(If I do it myself, I put them in biodegradable compost bags, and store them in the shed for a few months, but I thought that would be a bit of an imposition...)
"Uh, compost bin?!"
*Yes, it's just here..."
I pointed to the compost bin. He said,
"Well, someone's just going to come with a van and take them all away...but I suppose I could put some in the compost bin if you want....."
But later I discovered that he hadn't put ANY in the compost bin...obviously the foreman had come past and told him not to!!!
So now I am wonderiing....what does the council DO with all the fallen leaves? I have seen people sweeping them up, but they obviously don't use them as leaf mould......surely they can't just throw them away, though???!!!!

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