Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The garden today

So happy with the garden. (Also pleased that there was a drop of rain, but I still had to water!)

My white lilies are flourishing.

I also had some very dark lilies, almost black, but I must admit that they are already past their best. I have a stem in a vase on my desk - they are beautiful, but not scented!

I was also delighted to discover some self-seeded tomato plants!

I have always grown tomatoes from plug plants before - obviously these lay dormant in the soil to surprise me this spring! 
And I nearly always manage to have some salad from the garden for my lunch.

I am going to Italy on Friday....the only reason I can bear to leave this garden behind is that I have a garden in Italy to look after as well! And in this garden (near Livorno in Tuscany) we have some beautiful wisteria!

Monday, 5 July 2010

The Garden Today

Lovely lunch today, with peas and rocket from the garden!

I grew the rocket from seed, which I bought from Jekka's Herb Farm

My blackcurrant sage is also flourishing, looks and smells gorgeous!

It may also amuse people to learn that this morning I was able to collect a spadeful of horse manure for my compost bin! (Need to be alert when the police horse pass by!)